Do you want a chance to win a new iPhone 8 and at the same time help build better communities here in the Cayman Islands?Did you know that 75% of Caymanians do not have a college or university degree? This is very concerning especially since we live in a knowledge-based economy that is quickly moving to a digital knowledge-based economy. When you layer on a significant amount of projected economic growth and a demand for more talent in the coming years, this is a very concerning statistic published in the Cayman Islands Labor Force Survey.Education is vital to building better communities.We are launching our very exciting ICCI iPhone 8 Challenge in order to work together to help fix our nation’s 75% problem in order to build better communities throughout the Cayman Islands.Start participating today in order to increase your chances to win a new iPhone 8.The rules are simple. All you need to do is successfully refer a friend.When you encourage someone to enroll at ICCI, please make sure that this potential student lets ICCI’s Director of Admissions know that you referred them and this gets clearly documented in their Admissions Form in order for you to be eligible to win a new iPhone 8.The student needs to enroll in one of the degree programs described in the links below.Each referral gives you a chance in the draw. The more referrals, the more chances of you winning.  ICCI runs on a quarter-based system, and the ICCI iPhone 8 Challenge includes all referrals starting with the Spring 2017 Quarter. The ICCI iPhone 8 Challenge includes referrals for the Summer 2017 Quarter and the Fall 2017 Quarter.  Referred students need to successfully complete the quarter(s) in which they are enrolled.Start participating today to win a new iPhone 8!Some links that you may find useful to circulate through your network and through your own social media to increase your chances of success in winning a new iPhone 8 are included below: Send to potential new students:Smarten Up! CLICK HERE to enroll in an ICCI degree program today. ICCI offers Associate, Bachelor, and Master’s level qualifications in a range of disciplines including business, accounting, finance and human resources. Classes are in the evening which means you can study and continue to work full-time. Send to employers and others in the community:Smarten Up! According to the Cayman Islands’ Labor Force Survey Report Spring 2016 published by the Economics and Statistics Office, approximately 75% of Caymanians do not have a college/university degree. This is concerning considering that we live in a digital knowledge-based economy. Be part of the solution to this significant problem. Encourage everyone…friends, family, colleagues and other contacts to CLICK HERE by circulating this message through email, websites, or social media in order to help bridge this gap today! Learn more about ICCI by clicking: https://icci.edu.kyWe are giving away two new iPhone 8’s. One for the winner from our Alumni and another for the winner from the Cayman Islands Community. We wanted to select leading innovative technology as the prize for this challenge since at ICCI, world leading technology is a key part of our learning environment. For example, we have 100% Smart Technology in every one of our classrooms. Our students are using their mobile devices to listen to lectures, take on-line courses, do quizzes, check their grades, collaborate with other students and faculty from around the world, in addition to numerous other things that increase the value and quality of the education they are receiving and at the same time make higher education more accessible to them.The ICCI iPhone 8 Challenge is not open to current ICCI staff, faculty or students. We want our current staff and faculty that are currently teaching to continue focusing on providing world class leading higher education. We want our currently enrolled students to focus on learning as their top priority in order to become a life-long learner and a proud member of ICCI’s Alumni.// //