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Media Supporters: Hurley’s Media Group, The Cayman Compass, Radio Cayman, The Cayman Reporter, Cayman Life TV,  and ICCI FM 101.1


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About The Walk

The 15th Annual Dr. J. Hugh Cummings Memorial Walk took place Sunday April 17, 2016 to raise funds for the Dr. J. Hugh Cummings Memorial Scholarship Fund for ICCI students who are in need of financial assistance to continue their education. The walk also honored the memory of Dr. J. Hugh Cummings, who founded ICCI, Cayman’s first college, in 1970.

The major corporate sponsor for this year’s walk is Cayman National Bank. The supporting  sponsor is CUC.  Walk donations were provided by: Foster’s Food Fair -IGA, Champion House, and Island Taste.

The 6:30 a.m. walk started at ICCI’s campus, with a turnaround at Pedro St. James.

You can still may support this effort by purchasing an official walk T-shirt or donating directly to the fund.

Contact: info@icci.edu.ky for more information.


Participants and Contributors

Kristie Archer, ICCI Student

Jose Ardila, ICCI Student Council

Felicia Bodden, ICCI Student Council

Lance Barnes, ICCI Alumnus

ICCI Trustee, Heather Bodden

Harilyn Bodden

Nanny Bodden

Hon. Osbourne Bodden

Enrico Carmassi

Wendy Clarke, ICCI Student

Shenek Conolly, ICCI Student Council

Careen Craw

April Cummings, ICCI Trustee

Dr. Elsa M. Cummings, ICCI President Emerita

Brenda Dawkins, ICCI Alumna

Ellen Ebanks

Melanie Ebanks-Jackson

Nicola Freeth

Amy Gage, ICCI Trustee

Derrick Garcia

Paula Grierson-Thompson, ICCI Student

Patrick Hall

Melisa Hamilton, ICCI Dean

Ben Henshilwood

Antoinette Hewitt, ICCI Alumna

David Jackson

Ashleigh Josephs, ICCI Student

Dr. Alicia Law, ICCI Faculty

Robert Lynch, ICCI FM 101.1

Myriam Madigan

Dr. David Marshall, ICCI President

Mike Mannisto, ICCI Board Chair

Solvena Moore

Madelyn Ortiz-Ochoa, ICCI Student

Cashema Rankine,ICCI Student

Selwin Richardson

Sharmori Richardson, ICCI Student

Winsome Rocklin

Michael Sanford, ICCI Student Council

Lucille Seymour, ICCI Trustee

Alva Suckoo, MLA

Jacqueline Thomson

Kassia Webb, ICCI Student

Sheri Welcome, Cayman National Bank

Wilber Welcome

Colleen Williams, ICCI Alumna

Jerrod Wilson, ICCI Student

Helen Winton, ICCI Student

Lisa Wood, ICCI Business Office Manager

Dr. S’rah Yisrael, ICCI Registrar


2016 Dr. J. Hugh Cummings Walk Committee

Melisa Bent-Hamilton, Academic Dean

Dr. Elsa M. Cummings, President Emerita

Michael Sanford, Student Council President

Lisa Wood, Business Officer Manager

Dr. S’rah Yisrael, Registrar


Click below to hear ICCI President, Dr. David Marshall explain why the walk is so vital:



Click here to see media promotion about the walk.


To read more about the Dr. J. Hugh Cummings and the history of ICCI: Click below on “History of ICCI.”

History of ICCI