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Who We Are:

The educational experience at International College of the Cayman Islands is based on the assumption that education is concerned with three broad areas: The students’ understanding of themselves, their society, other societies, and the relationship between them; development of the students’ personalities and potentials through exposure to a variety of positive educational experiences, philosophies and perspectives, so that they will have the maximum of freedom and resources in forming their own values; and training which will allow students to pursue their chosen vocations. ICCI espouses the belief that understanding and development depend on the students’ perception of the relevance of their learning to themselves and their environment; that knowledge cannot be imposed, but is a dynamic process growing from the involvement of both teachers and students with problems and experiences which affect them. ICCI encourages participation by students and the people of the Cayman Islands in helping formulate college policy. The autonomy of each member of the college will be safeguarded.

International College of the Cayman Islands is founded on the belief that educational opportunities should be provided without regard to color, race, sex, handicap, creed, or national origin. ICCI does not discriminate on any of these bases in admittance, employment, financial assistance, or any other policies, programs or areas of the college.

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