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Bachelor Of Science DegreeThe Business Administration program prepares students for careers in the accounting, banking and trust operations, insurance, risk management, and finance fields, among others by meeting the following objectives.

The student will be able to:

  • Identify different operating systems and the software and hardware required to carry out business tasks;
  • Effectively use of computers to complete tasks;
  • Demonstrate comprehension of basic and advanced principles of business and management;
  • Define and analyze the business decision making process;
  • Apply Financial and Managerial Accounting concepts to the business decision making process;
  • Prepare and use financial statements;
  • Evaluate and apply micro and macro-economic theory;
  • Use and apply statistics and empirical data for decision making;
  • Use business communication skills including preparation of effective business reports and oral communication of the same;
  • Apply marketing theory, use of market models and market analysis in business decision making;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of finance including cash flows, investments, budgeting and portfolio management; and
  • Analyze the legal nature and role of contracts, torts, negotiable instruments, and business associations.

Similar to the A.S. Business degree, Bachelor students are able to focus on specific areas by choosing a concentration, Finance or Accounting. Each concentration provides further detailed study into the particular field 66

Business Administration Major Subject AreaCredits
Area I: General Education Requirements
AP 140Fundamentals of Speech(5)
BI 104Biological Sciences(5)
EN 101Use of the English Language I(5)
EN 102Use of the English Language II(5)
EN 301World Literature(5)
HU 104World Civilization(5)
MA 101Introductory College Mathematics(5)
PY 201General Psychology(5)
SO 201Introduction to Sociology(5)
SP 101Elementary Spanish I(5)
SP 102Elementary Spanish II(5)
Total General Education Requirements (55)
Area II: Business Core Requirements
BE 101Introduction to Business(5)
BE 104Introduction to Accounting(5)
BE 201Principles of Economics I(5)
BE 202Principles of Economics II(5)
BE 211Financial Accounting(5)
BE 225Managerial Accounting(5)
BE 300Communication in Business and Report Writing(5)
BE 303Marketing(5)
BE 306Management(5)
BE 307Business Finance(5)
BE 308Business Law(5)
MA 207Statistics(5)
Total Business Core Requirements (60)
Area III: Approved Business Electives (35)
Area IV: Approved General Electives (30)
Total Credits Required for Graduation (180)