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Associate Of Science Degree

The General Studies program provides the student with a general education background for pursuing further studies.

Apply general education skills including but not limited to the fundamentals of composition, math, and sociology; Create individual objectives designed based upon the course of study chosen by the student.

This degree is used for students who may choose to pursue a Bachelor degree in Human and Social Services or who wish to pursue a general course of study.

General StudiesSubject AreaCredits
Area I: General Education Requirements
AP 140Fundamentals of Speech(5)
BI 104Biological Sciences(5)
EN 101Use of the English Language I(5)
EN 102Use of the English Language II(5)
SO 201Introduction to Sociology(5)
MA 101Introductory College Mathematics(5)
Total General Education Requirements (30)
Area II: Core Requirements in an Area or Interdisciplinary Area (45)
Area III: Approved General Electives(15)
Total Credits Required for Graduation (90)