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Hotel and Tourism Management Concentration

Associate Of Science Degree

Hotel and Tourism Management Concentration

The Hotel and Tourism Management concentration is tailored for those interested in supervisory level jobs in the hospitality industry, particularly the hotel business. Emphasis is management oriented though a certain amount of clerical expertise is demanded.
When a student chooses the Hotel and Tourism Management concentration, they will be able to:
  • Effectively implement principles of tourism management;
  • Recognize the structure, make-up, and tasks required of a “front desk operator” in the tourism industry;
  • Analyze basic principles of customer service in the tourism industry;
  • Understand the food and beverage process, including preparation and point of sale; and
  • Have practical experience through internship in the tourism industry.

Associate Of Science Degree


Hotel and Tourism Management Concentration Subject Area Credits
Area I: General Education Requirements
AP 140 Fundamentals of Speech (5)
BI 104 Biological Sciences (5)
EN 101 Use of the English Language I (5)
EN 102 Use of the English Language II (5)
MA 101 Introductory College Mathematics (5)
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology (5)
Total General Education Requirements (30)
Area II: Business Core Requirements
AP 114 Keyboarding (5)
AP 108 Introduction to the Computer (5)
BE 101 Introduction to Business (5)
BE 104 Introduction to Accounting (5)
BE 201 Principles of Economics I (5)
BE 202 Principles of Economics II (5)
Total Business Core Requirements (30)
Area III: Hotel & Tourism Management Concentration
AP 130 Internship (5)
BE 112 Hotel Management I (5)
BE 113 Hotel Management II (5)
BE 116 Tourism Management (5)
Total Hotel & Tourism Management Requirements (20)
Area IV: Approved General Electives (10)
Total Credits Required for Graduation (90)