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The Associate of Science degree in Information Science and Technology is designed to provide students with sufficient IT skills and knowledge to pursue careers that focus on information technology and related fields. It may be of use to individuals seeking entry-level jobs in computer technology applications. In addition to the General Education outcomes, students will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Identify different kinds of computer hardware and software.
  2. Deploy and manage a network independently.
  3. Troubleshoot network issues.
  4. Develop software projects using different programming languages.
  5. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of database management systems.
  6. Build and maintain websites independently.
  7. Gain practical experience through experiential learning in the information technology industry.
Course IDSubject AreaCredits
Area I: General Education Requirements for the Associate of Science Degree
GS 101 Introduction to College Studies: Technology, Leadership, and Success (5)
GS 110 Environmental Science, Sustainability, and Health(5)
EN 104 English Composition and Writing(5)
EN 105 Mechanics and Research of Academic Writing(5)
EN 202 Introduction to Public Speaking, Communication, and Self-Awareness(5)
GS/IT 109 Technology in the Information Age(5)
MA 105 Introduction to College Algebra(5)
SO 202 Introduction to Sociology: Culture and Diversity in a Global Society(5)
SO 235 Local and Global Citizenship with Experiential Learning (see p.14 for additional costs)(5)
Total General Education Requirements for the Associate of Science Degree(45)
Area II: Information Technology Core Requirements
IT 201 Introduction to Computer Management(5)
IT 202 Data Communications and Computer Networking(5)
IT 203 Network Troubleshooting(5)
IT 212 Introduction to blockchain technologies(5)
Total Information Technology Core Requirements(20)
Area III:  Information Science Core Requirements
IT 211 Introduction to Web Programming(5)
IT 205 C programming language            (5)
IT 206 C++ programming language       (5)
IT 209 Data Base Management Systems            (5)
IT 210 Software Project Management(5)
Total Information Science Core Requirements(25)
Total Credits Required for Graduation(90)