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Master of Business Administration Degree

The graduate programs at ICCI offer courses leading to Master of Business Administration degree. The MBA degree is designed to develop business management and leadership skills of academically and experientially qualified individuals.

The student will be able to:

  • Effectively function in private and public organizational settings;
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of the general history, concepts, and processes of management;
  • Demonstrate the conceptual base from which the more specific survey courses focus on professional skills in human resources, accounting, business administration, or education; and
  • Apply the intellectual abilities in analysis, management, job performance, and creativity to real world experiences.
Master Of Business Administration Class Code Subject Area Credits
Area I: Core Requirements
GR 500 Environment of Business (5)
GR 501 Organization Behavior and Development (5)
GR 506 Human Resources Management (5)
GR 507 Management Communications (5)
GR 515 Research Methodology (5)
GR 516 Accounting for Executives (5)
GR 534 Business Informatics (5)
Total Core Requirements (35)
Area II: Business Administration Requirements
GR 508 Strategic Management (5)
GR 509 Special Topics (5)
GR 517 Managerial Economics (5)
GR 518 Financial Management (5)
GR 519 Marketing Management (5)
Total Business Administration Requirements (25)
Total Credits Required for Graduation (60)