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Bachelor Of Science DegreeHuman And Social Services MajorThe purpose of the Human and Social Services major is to prepare students for careers related to social programs in the community. This degree is not a social work degree.The B.S. program in Human and Social Services helps students to prepare for careers related to social programs in the community. The objectives for this degree program are as follows.The student will be able to: Evaluate the meaning of social problems, identify of the trends which lead to the development of social problems and contemporary methods of dealing with the problems; Restate role of Social Workers including the values and ethics associated with the profession; Analyze the students’ own self-identity and personal issues which may hinder the deliverance of effective human and social services; Identify and apply different research methods, concepts and terminology in Lifespan Development; Identify and evaluate counseling techniques for community and social work; Evaluate the effects of social interaction on behavior and the ways in which the study of social behavior is scientific; Discriminate between the principles and techniques of research design and analyzing empirical data; and Explain and judge ways in which society is influenced by business, technology and urban influences.Human and Social Services Major Subject AreaCreditsArea I: General Education RequirementsAP 140Fundamentals of Speech(5)BI 104Biological Sciences(5)EN 101Use of the English Language I(5)EN 102Use of the English Language II(5)EN 301World Literature(5)HU 104World Civilization(5)MA 101Introductory College Mathematics(5)PY 201General Psychology(5)SO 201Introduction to Sociology(5)SP 101Elementary Spanish I(5)SP 102Elementary Spanish II(5)Total General Education Requirements (55) Area II: Human and Social Services Core Requirements SO 301Courtship and Marriage(5)SO 302Social Problems(5)SO 304Introduction to Social Work(5)SO 306Management(5)SO 307West Indian Societies(5)SO 309Social Psychology(5)SO 315Introduction to Counseling(5)SO 402Introduction to Research(5)SO 404Community Placement(5)ED 201Human Development(5)HE 101Health Education(5)MA 207Statistics(5)Total Human and Social Services Core Requirements(70)Area III: Approved Human and Social Services Electives(20)Area IV: Approved General Electives(45)Total Credits Required for Graduation (180)