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What are Student Support Services?

Student Support Services include prevention, assistance, transition and follow-up services for students. Student Support Services professionals provide direct services for all students, especially those who are experiencing problems that create barriers to access and success. Direct services are provided by means such as education through learning labs and tutoring, advisement and individual assessment.

Why are Student Support Services important?

Student Support Services are a vital part of academic program success. These services can help students navigate the college system and support students’ access to and success with academic courses. These services are often able to help students overcome a number of obstacles that stand in the way of pursuing and completing stated educational goals. Student Support Services at ICCI can assist in the development of the tools needed to make educational goals come true.

Who can benefit from Student Support Services?

For a variety of reasons, not everyone with college ability is initially able to master his or her academic load without a helping hand. New students on our College campus, who attended high school several years ago and are a bit apprehensive about returning to the academic scene can benefit from Student Support Services. Those who feel somewhat shaky about taking college Math or English can be supported through Math and English academic labs.

Those who did “okay” in the high school classroom but had a difficult time with testing can be supported through test-taking tutoring. Those who find it difficult to study, take notes in class, or cope with a new environment can learn to overcome these and many other conflicts through the tutoring, instruction and/or counseling offered at Student Support Services.

For students who want to get the most out of their educational experience while attending ICCI, Student Support Services can give them the boost they might need to reach their academic potential.