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The Bachelor of Science degree in Liberal Studies provides opportunities for the student with a general education background for pursuing further studies. This degree is created for students who wish to customize their curriculum to meet their desired career objectives within the constraints of the College’s course offerings. In addition to the General Education outcomes, the student will be given the opportunity to:

  1. Apply general education skills including but not limited to the fundamentals of composition, math, literature, sociology, and science;
  2. Create individual objectives to be designed based upon the course of study chosen by the student;
  3. Examine the principles and techniques of organizing and interpreting empirical data for the purpose of developing a thesis-driven paper which demonstrates critical and creative thinking based on relevant evidence and analytical reasoning; and
  4. Examine the history, social, economic, cultural, and political structure of the Cayman Islands.
Course IDSubject AreaCredits
Area I: General Education Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree
GS 101 Introduction to College Studies: Technology, Leadership, and Success(5)
GS/SH 110 Environmental Science, Sustainability, and Health(5)
EN 104 English Composition and Writing(5)
EN 105 Mechanics and Research of Academic Writing(5)
EN 202 Introduction to Public Speaking, Communication, and Self-Awareness(5)
GS/IT 109 Technology in the Information Age(5)
MA 105 Introduction to College Algebra(5)
MA 205 Application of Math in Society(5)
MA 210 Applied Statistics(5)
PY 220 Introduction to Psychology: Development, Personality, and Motivation(5)
SO 202 Introduction to Sociology: Culture and Diversity in a Global Society(5)
SO 235 Local and Global Citizenship with Experiential Learning (See p. 14 for additional costs)(5)
Total General Education Requirements for the Bachelor of Science Degree(60)
Area II:  Core Requirements
BS 402 Principles of Research Methodology(5)
Area II Total Core Requirements(5)
Area III:  Electives Credits
  Student must complete a minimum of 25 credits in Upper Division courses (300 – 400 level) 
Total Electives Credits(105)
Area IV: Approved International Experiential Learning Course(5)
Area V: Capstone 
BS 490A Undergraduate Capstone Project I(2)
BS 490B Undergraduate Capstone Project II(3)
 Total Capstone(5)
Total Credits Required for Graduation(180)