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Office Administration

Bachelor Of Science Degree

Office Administration Major

The B.S. program in Office Administration provides the opportunity for students to prepare for careers in office administration. The following are the objectives for the program.
The student will be able to:
  • Recognize the role of professional ethics & conduct;
  • Apply the principles of and the multifaceted challenges of administrative office management to real world experiences;
  • Effectively manage administration office information systems;
  • Identify different operating systems and the software and hardware required to carry out business tasks;
  • Utilize the computer as a resource and communication tool and use of computers to complete tasks;
  • Demonstrate awareness of the current management principles, concepts, and organizational trends;
  • Identify the responsibility of the office employee toward employer, coworkers, and profession;
  • Understand the functions of an office;
  • Learn to work in a team-oriented environment; and
  • Develop communication, learning, and decision-making skills.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of office skills; and
  • Prepare and use financial statements.
The program is designed to help students develop themselves as competent office managers and meet the islands need for office and administrative managers.

Bachelor Of Science Degree

Office Administration Major Subject Area Credits
Area I: General Education Requirements
AP 140 Fundamentals of Speech (5)
BI 104 Biological Sciences (5)
EN 101 Use of the English Language I (5)
EN 102 Use of the English Language II (5)
EN 301 World Literature (5)
HU 104 World Civilization (5)
MA 101 Introductory College Mathematics (5)
PY 201 General Psychology (5)
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology (5)
SP 101 Elementary Spanish I (5)
SP 102 Elementary Spanish II (5)
Total General Education Requirements (55)
Area II: Basic Technology Requirements
AP 114 Keyboarding (5)
AP 135 Advanced Keyboarding (5)
AP 136 Word Processing (5)
AP 147 Spreadsheet Applications (5)
AP 148 Database Applications (5)
AP 400 Applied Sciences Placement (5)
Total Basic Technology Requirements (30)
Area III: Professional Management Requirements
AP 111 Office Practice and Procedures (5)
AP 300 Administrative Management (5)
BE 101 Introduction to Business (5)
BE 104 Introduction to Accounting (5)
BE 300 Communication in Business and Report Writing (5)
BE 306 Management (5)
BE 308 Business Law (5)
Total Professional Management Requirements (35)
Area IV: Approved Office Administration Electives (15)
Area V: Approved General Electives (45)
Total Credits Required for Graduation (180)