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Retention and Placement

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Across all programs, the College’s retention goal is 85 percent.

Improving Retention

To improve and maintain retention rates, the College:• Takes attendance nightly and calls/emails all students who have missed classes.• Conducts Student Support Office visits with students who have excessive absences• Addresses all student complaints in writing immediately and seeks to resolve all complaints in two business dates.• Trains faculty on best practices techniques in classroom management and conducting engaging learning activities in classrooms• Conducts quarterly student evaluation of classes and engages in corrective action each quarter• Supports the Student Council as a form of student feedback and meets frequently Student Council Representatives.


To improve and maintain placement rates, the College:

  • Instituted a quarterly Career Readiness Day where classes are cancelled and the entire campus attends workshops on resume preparedness, mock interviewing, interview for jobs, and participate in workshops on professionalism in the workplace.
  • Recruited 10 new companies to participate in the College’s Internship Program
  • Hosts an industry advisory committee meeting once per quarter.
  • Increased community resources components in classrooms. Over 82% of all classes each quarter has an industry expert come to address the class or the class goes on a field trip to enhance professional skills.
  • Holds one-on-one sessions with the Career’s Office so students can get guidance on job preparation.