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Bachelor Of Science Degree Business  Administration Major Finance Concentration

The Finance concentration is designed for those interested in pursuing managerial or consultative careers in banking, trust operations, insurance, risk management, and/or finance. 

When a student chooses the Finance concentration, they will be able to:

  • Recognize contemporary central banking and bank regulation issues comparing the US, Euro zone and the UK;
  • Identify banking practice and procedures;Apply general principles of law to financial decision making, risk analysis and liabilities;
  • Analyze insurance and risk management and of the different lines of insurance, product distribution, re-insurance and basic legal concepts applicable to insurance;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the principles from finance and economics and exploration of the connection between financial markets and the economy;
  • Recognize public policy issues and understanding of how the most important players in financial markets, governments and central banks operate and how monetary policy is conducted;
  • Illustrate the types of foreign exchange and foreign markets along with international monetary system and exchange rate systems;
  • Use and apply principles of financial management of a national and multinational firms in regard to cash management, intra-firm transfer, control & capital budgeting; and
  • Recognize core concepts and tools in making investment decisions, managing a portfolio and developing, implementing, and monitoring a successful investment program.
Class Code Subject Area Credits
Area I: General Education Requirements
AP 140 Fundamentals of Speech (5)
BI 104 Biological Sciences (5)
EN 101 Use of the English Language I (5)
EN 102 Use of the English Language II (5)
EN 301 World Literature (5)
HU 104 World Civilization (5)
MA 101 Introductory College Mathematics (5)
PY 201 General Psychology (5)
SO 201 Introduction to Sociology (5)
SO 230/HU 440 Seminar on the Cayman Islands (5)
SP 101 Elementary Spanish I (5)
SP 102 Elementary Spanish II (5)
Total General Education Requirements (60)
Area II: Business Core Requirements
BE 101 Introduction to Business (5)
BE 104 Introduction to Accounting (5)
BE 201 Principles of Microeconomics (5)
BE 202 Principles of Macroeconomics (5)
BE 211 Financial Accounting (5)
BE 225 Managerial Accounting (5)
BE 300 Communication in Business and Report Writing (5)
BE 303 Marketing (5)
BE 306 Management (5)
BE 307 Business Finance (5)
BE 308 Business Law (5)
BE/SO 402 Principles of Research Methodology (5)
MA 207 Statistics (5)
Total Business Core Requirements (65)
Area III: Finance Concentration
BE 207 Elements of Banking (5)
BE 210 General Principles of Law (5)
BE 230 Principles of Insurance (5)
BE 302 Money and Banking (5)
BE 332 Risk Management (5)
BE 400

BE 424

Business Placement

Seminar on Global Finance



BE 432 International Financial Management (5)
BE 442 Investments (5)
Total Finance Concentration Requirements (45)
Area IV: Approved Business/General Electives (5)
EN 100
Area V: Capstone
BE 444 Undergraduate Capstone Project (5)
Total Credits Required for Graduation (180)