OVERVIEW:The Technology Department provides Laptop Check-Out as a service to ICCI Staff, Faculty, and      currently enrolled students. Student laptop check-out may be limited to special circumstance or by Pro- gram designation.POLICY:Laptops are to be checked out inLaptops must be returned by the one who checked itA Student may only check out one laptop at aLaptops must not be left The user is responsible for the device and its peripherals the entire time it is checked out under the user’s name.The user listed on this application is responsible for any damage, whether intentional or accidental. The user will be charged accordingly based on the cost to repair or replace the laptop. Each occurrence of a late or damaged laptop will count as one infraction. A student that incurs three infractions will lose access to this service for the rest of theIt is recommended that student users save their data to an external data source (such as a USB Drive). The ICCI Technology Staff will not be responsible for lostAll laptops are subject to the terms of the ICCI Acceptable Use Polices whether on or offLaptops should be used on a flat solid surface. Position the power cord as to not strain the plug ends. Lap- tops should not be exposed to extreme temperatures or liquids. If stolen or damaged immediately notify the Technology Department. Laptops are required to be returned to the Technology Department every 15 days for maintenance andDepending on availability, laptops may be checked out to students for special circumstances such as being homebound, in the hospital, or by request of the students’ advisor or StudentStudents users MUST return the laptop by the date A late fine will be charged at the rate of $10.00 for each day After 15 days the laptop will be declared lost and full replacement cost will be due. Full re- placement cost will be calculated at the cost of the laptop & accessories of the same brand, model, and con- figuration when the laptop was declared lost.PROCEDURE:Laptops may be checked out from 2:00pm-8:00pm Monday through Thursday from the designated staff responsible.Students are required to present their ICCI Student ID at check-out.Laptop users are required to fill out a check-out form containing personal information, signature, and duration of use, signature of Advisor or Student Services (Students Only).At the time of checkout, the laptop will be inspected by a staff member to make sure it is intact and functioningStaff will ensure that the student user can log onto theBILLINGIf the Laptop user named in this agreement does not return the laptop by the designated time the student will be assessed a replacement fee equal to the cost of replacement. This user is also responsible damages and labor to repair a damaged laptop.