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The Master of Professional Accountancy (MPA) degree is designed to develop accountancy and leadership skills of academically and experientially qualified individuals. An undergraduate degree in Accounting or an equivalency of accounting courses is a prerequisite for this program. A Master of Professional Accountancy will hone students’ analytical skills with expert-level training in accounting principles and cutting-edge business applications. The CPA concentration will provide them with the additional 30 hours of the 150 credit hours of classroom instruction required by most states before taking the Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination (CPA). The program is designed to not only prepare students for the CPA examination, but also to provide a strong knowledge of accounting principles and business applications. With coursework that covers everything from taxation to understanding of the legal environment of business, this professional degree will prepare students to take their place alongside business decision-makers as a corporate accountant, auditor, accounting manager, financial analyst or CPA. An MPA degree is practical, and graduates can be found working in management-level roles in diverse countries throughout the world. The MPA program prepares students for career as a corporate accountant, financial analyst, controller, forensic accountant, auditor, taxation specialist, budget analyst, personal financial planner, or CPA. The student will be able to: Develop knowledge and acquisition skills by establishing advanced competency in the functional areas of accounting;Develop critical thinking skills by attaining the ability to identify and evaluate accounting problems and arrive at reasoned conclusions; Develop research and communication skills by utilizing financial and other authoritative databases and effectively presenting findings in written format; and Develop ethical and professional responsibility by recognizing and responding accordingly to ethical, professional, and regulatory issues in accounting Entry Requirements Completion Requirements MPA students are required to complete a total of 30 semester credits comprised of the following: 9 Core Required Courses (27 semester credits)1 Elective Course (3 semester credits)This sequence represents the minimum time to completion. Time to completion will vary by student, depending on individual progress, credits transferred and course availability. Master Of Professional Accountancy Class Code Subject AreaCreditsArea I: Core Requirements MPA 500Accounting Ethics(3)MPA 501Advanced Accounting for Managers(3)MPA 502Advanced Auditing(3)MPA 503Federal Taxation(3)MPA 504Legal Environment of Business (3)MPA 505Financial Accounting Regulations(3)MPA 506Tax Professional Research(3)MPA 507Operations and Supply Chain Management(3)MPA 508Accounting Information Technology, Control and Audit(3)Elective*One course from the electives listed below(3)Total Core Requirements/Total Credits for Graduation(30) Select one course from the following list for the elective course* MPA 510Value Added Accounting Practices(3)MPA 512Business Analysis and Valuation(3)MPA 512Advanced Managerial and Financial Strategy(3)MPA 512Finance in a Global Perspective(3)Credits for the MPA program are accumulated in semester hours based upon 16 week terms.