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ICCI participates in a healthy examination of assessment of student learning.Assessment has been defined in many ways: Assessment involves the use of empirical data on student learning to refine programs and improve student learning.  (Assessing Academic Programs in Higher Education by Allen 2004)Assessment: Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development. T. Marchese, 1987The goal of assessment is a reflective process where the institution asks if our students are learning the things we say they are, are we measuring to ensure the learning is happening and what are we doing with the results of the learning measurement?The college measures student gains at the course, degree program and institutional level.This process is a requirement both of the College’s accrediting bodies:The Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities and The International Accreditation Council for Business EducationOne of the key ways this process takes place is through the development of an Assessment Plan. Assessment Plan – a document that outlines what empirical data will be collected, by whom, for the assessment each of the learning outcomes (typically in a multi-year cycle); the process for reviewing the data, policies, and procedures to guide discussion and feedback of the results; and the process for modifying the course, program or curriculum to improve student learning. Assessing Academic Programs in Higher Education by Mary J. AllenClick here to read ICCI’s Outcomes Assessment Plan for IACBEClick here to read the results of ICCI’s IACBE Outcomes assessment plan and what we are doing to improve learning as the result of implementing the plan.