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*This is a new program. When there is sufficient interest, we will offer the full program.

The graduate programs at ICCI offer courses leading to a Master’s degree in Management Consulting to qualified students already possessing an undergraduate degree, and in this case, sufficient experience in a business environment to become a consultant.  The Master of Science in Management Consulting degree offers the student an extensive knowledge of the management consultancy industry and an appreciation of the latest business challenges. The student will gain an understanding of consulting techniques and methodologies and develop a range of transferable skills. The program outcomes are listed below.

The student will demonstrate learning by having the opportunity to complete the following:

  1. Compare and contrast effective management principles in public and private organizational settings.
  2.  Compare and contrast key historical concepts and practices of management with current concepts and practices of management.
  3. Describe professional skills used in various kinds of consulting and management issues.
  4. Apply abilities and skills to perform analysis of organizational management.
  5. Apply abilities and skills to research and write a business work plan relative to management.
  6. Apply abilities and skills to real world consulting management tasks.
  7. Use empirical data for the purpose of developing a thesis-driven paper which demonstrates critical and creative thinking based on relevant evidence and analytical reasoning.
Class CodeSubject AreaCredits
Area I: Management Consulting Requirements
GR 503 Multicultural Management(5)
GR 504 Management Consulting: Facts, Theories, and Issues(5)
GR 506 Human Resources Management(5)
GR 510 Organizational Behavior and Development(5)
GR 515 Research Methodology(5)
GR 534 Business Informatics in a Global Society(5)
GR 532 Management Consulting: The Consulting Life Cycle(5)
GR 533 Strategic Planning and Management Locally and Internationally(5)
GR 535 Applied Analytics and Forecasting(5)
GR 536 Application and Analysis of Innovative Business Models(5)
GR 580 Experiential Learning Seminar(5)
Total Management Consulting Requirements(55)
Area II: Capstone
 GR 590A Graduate Capstone Project I(2)
 GR 590B Graduate Capstone Project II(3)
Total Credits Required for Graduation(60)