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FACULTY MEETINGSOnce each quarter, members of the faculty meet to discuss ways to enhance teaching and learning at the College. In addition to the routine administrative matters, faculty also focus on the assessment of student learning outcomes and ways to improve the curriculum.Click here to see the Summer 2016 Faculty Meeting Minutes and MaterialsClick here to view minutes of the Spring 2016 Faculty MeetingClick here to view minutes from the Spring 2015 Faculty MeetingClick here to view meeting minutes and materials from the Summer 2015 Faculty MeetingPROGRAM AND CURRICULUM REVIEW COMMITTEE (PCRC)The Program and Curriculum Review Committee (PCRC) serves in an advisory capacity to the President. It is chaired by the Academic Dean, and is composed of the resident faculty, former students, staff and industry experts/leaders. Academic matters concerning curriculum development and adding or dropping courses or programs will be the focus of this committee. The PCRC shall create sub committees where appropriate to look into specific programs and make recommendations for changes to the same. The PCRC will recommend changes to the curriculum, the addition or deletion of programs and provision for pre-requisites. In order to assure university-level standards, the college shall use the consultative services of accredited institutions of higher education in providing guidance in curriculum matters and examining candidates for academic degrees.Click here to view the PCRC Meeting Minutes from March 1, 2015Click here to see photos from the PCRC Meeting 3/1/15.