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General student questions

What degree programs do you offer and how long does it take to get them?See Catalog for a listing of all the programs at ICCI. If the student is a full-time student (3 classes a quarter for undergraduate and 2 classes a quarter for graduate), the degrees can be completed in the indicated time:•    Associate of Science – 6 quarters•    Bachelor of Science – 12 quarters•    Master of Business Administration – 6 quarters•    Master of Science – 6 quartersHow much does it cost to attend ICCI?The list of tuition and fees can be found in the financial section of the catalog. Estimated program costs can be gathered from the Treasurer to be given to students.How much does it cost to take just one undergraduate class at ICCI?The estimated cost for an undergraduate course is $580 ($500 Tuition, $50 Registration fee, $25 Lab fee and $5 Student Activity fee) plus the cost of the textbook.  In order to take a course you would have to be admitted and pay the $50 application fee and $12 student ID card fee.When are ICCI’s classes?All of ICCI’s classes take place in the evenings. There are two time slots each day. Classes either meet Monday/Wednesday 5:30-7:45 or 7:50-10:05 or Tuesday/Thursday 5:30-7:45 or 7:50-10:05.Do any classes meet on Fridays or Saturdays?No. Classes are Monday-Thursday.

Graduate student questions

My degree is not from a US accredited school or a school recognized by the Cayman Islands government. What do I have to do to become a graduate student at ICCI?To get your degree evaluated, you will need to choose an evaluating service from the NACES list at World Education Services is the one that has been used in the past by previous students. Once you choose the evaluating service, you will need to contact them to find out the process for getting your degree evaluated.  Typically degree evaluation involves paperwork for the evaluating service, sending an official transcript to the evaluating service, and sending a copy of your degree. You will need to indicate on that application with evaluating service that a copy of your evaluation needs to be sent to us here at ICCI: International College of the Cayman Islands, Attn: Admissions, P.O. Box 136, Grand Cayman, KY1-1501, CAYMAN ISLANDS.  You will need to contact the credential evaluation service to ascertain their particular process.

New student questions

What are the requirements to be admitted at ICCI?Please see Admissions Requirements in the catalog.I am only 16 years old.  Can I be admitted?ICCI requires that a student be 17 years old to be admitted.  However, if a student will turn 17 during their first quarter of study, has a high school diploma or equivalency, and has demonstrated the maturity necessary to be a college student through interview with the Director of Admissions, he/she may be admitted. The Provost can be petitioned if the parents of the student feel that the student would benefit from an ICCI education.Do my letters of recommendation have to be mailed?No. The student should provide contact information so that the author of the letter can be contacted if requested.Do I need official copies of my test scores?Yes. The student needs to bring in official copies of test scores but photocopies can be placed in the file with a note that official copies were seen on specified date.I don’t understand what the placement exams are for.The placement exams are a check on our part to make sure that you are ready to handle the college English and Math classes. We found that we were doing students a disservice by putting them into those classes without making sure that they were ready.  For both exams you can be exempted through a test score such as a CXC (grade I or II), IGCSE, GCE, SAT, or ACT pass in that subject area.  If you don’t have any test scores to exempt you from the placement exam, you have the option of taking the exam (a computerized test given here at the college) or taking the skills classes.  If you pass the placement exam, you will go into college English and Math.  If you don’t pass the placement exam, you take the college foundation classes before going into college-level English and Math.  The placement exam doesn’t keep you from getting into the college but rather tells us what classes you are prepared to take.What is the purpose of the Human and Social Services degree?The Human and Social Services degree is designed for people who want to go into the fields of social work, counseling, guidance work, or other social service positions. The degree provides a broad foundation across the disciplines. The degree outline can be found in the section of the catalog for that degree.

Readmit student questions

I already did an application when I was here last. What do I have to do again?A new application form, either completely filled in online or a paper application (with all required pages including signature) must be completed and a new application fee must be paid. Beyond that, it depends on the items in the past file. When an e-mail is sent to the Registrar’s office, a list of the items in the previous file will be sent to the Admissions Office so that the remaining items can be gathered.Do I have to get new letters of recommendation?Letters of recommendation are valid for five years. If they are older than that, you will need to get new letters of recommendation.Do I have to take the placement exams?If the student has not met the requirements for the placement test and has not yet taken English or Math, then they must take the exam or be exempted from it through one of the test scores. The previous file must be checked for test scores and the previous transcript must be checked for EN101 and MA101.I have a balance from when I was here last. Can I make arrangements to pay off the balance in payments instead of all at once?This is a decision that only the Treasurer can make. The Treasurer must be contacted to find out what arrangements, if any, can be made.

Student Visa student questions

How do I apply for a student visa for the Cayman Islands?As an international student you will need a Cayman Islands Student Visa. You are responsible for completing all required paperwork for the visa and for all communications with immigration regarding your visa.  Please contact the Cayman Islands Immigration Department if you have any questions about completing the student visa application.  Click here for the link to the immigration website.What accommodations do you have available for student visa students?We don’t have any housing on campus but there is a great site that can give you more information for the island: They have information about all sorts of different things with Cayman. Because it is such a small island, you can live pretty much anywhere and be close to the college.  We are located in Savannah/Newlands, in the middle, so we balance between town and the Eastern districts. There is also a real estate company on island that may give discounts to students:

Transfer student questions

Will all of my classes be transferred into ICCI?Any credits for transfer must be evaluated by the Provost of Instruction and be substantiated by an official transcript. Credit can be tentatively transferred in with an unofficial transcript but must be verified by an official transcript. The Provost of Instruction will only consider transfer credits from an accredited or internationally recognized institution where a grade of 70 or higher on a 100 point scale (undergraduate) or 80 or higher on a 100 point scale (graduate) was earned and that match courses required for your ICCI degree. The evaluation of your credits will tell you what transfers in and what you have to do at ICCI.I would like to transfer credits from UCCI (or another semester school).  What is the process for transferring credits from a semester school?A course taken at a semester school transfers in as 4 quarter credit hours. Only classes where a grade of 70 or higher on a 100 point scale (undergraduate) or 80 or higher on a 100 point scale (graduate) was earned and that match courses required for your ICCI degree can be considered for transfer. The next process is merging the courses taken on the semester system into our quarter system.  For a lot of courses where we only require one course (5 credit hours) to complete the subject such as statistics, in semester system schools you will have more than one course.  That means that we need to “stack” courses so that they merge together to cover the course that we require here.  The courses that are left, where there aren’t enough credits to stack, you would need to do the remaining credit hours here at ICCI. That would mean that you may have 1 or 2 credit hours to complete in order to cover the class here.  Usually for that students work out with the instructor two weeks worth of work (maybe a paper, presentation, etc.) for each credit hour needed. I would suggest that you get a copy of your transcript and see what it would look like for you to transfer in the credits.  It wouldn’t need to be an official copy of your transcript for the preliminary evaluation although you would need to submit an official copy if you decided to come to classes.  That way you can get a feel for what you would be looking at needing to complete in order to finish your Bachelor’s degree here. Then you can make an informed decision about what to do from there.I would like to transfer credits from a school that is not a US accredited Institution or one recognized by the Cayman Islands government. How do I do that?To get the credits so that they can be evaluated for transfer, what you would need to do is a course by course evaluation of your transcript.  That will tell the Provost what credits are equivalent to courses at our school so that he will know what to bring in.  To get a course by course evaluation, you should contact a credential evaluation service.  We like to use World Education Services.  You can find information about them at  You will need to get the course by course evaluation so that it produces a comparable list of courses from your course list. Please see their site for the process and make arrangements with them for the course by course evaluation and have them send it to us here at the college.  Our address is International College of the Cayman Islands, Attn: Admissions, P.O. Box 136, Grand Cayman, KY1-1501, CAYMAN ISLANDS.

Unclassified student questions

I don’t want to complete a whole degree; I just want to take one or two classes.  What do I have to do?An unclassified student, one who just wants to come in and take a few classes without pursuing a degree, can be admitted with just the application and the $50CI ($62.50US) application fee. This designation is used for students who do not intend to complete a degree program.