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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Students at the International College of the Cayman Islands have donated $600 to buy new books for three primary school libraries.

The fundraising project is part of a new community service venture at the college. Students went to the three schools – Savannah Primary, George Town Primary, and Bodden Town Primary – to donate the money and talk to the children about the importance of reading.

“This is an extraordinary gesture,” said George Town Primary PTA President Cheyenna Stewart. “I was in the middle of ordering more books for the library and this contribution from ICCI students came just in time.

“Our children have a hunger to read. The more books we can put in front of them, the more we increase their chances of becoming accomplished readers.”

ICCI Student Council member Kimberly Martin made the check presentation to George Town Primary.

She said, “I really feel good about what we are doing as students to help with this literacy project. I think our actions will help these kids develop the reading and writing skills needed to get them to college some day.”

At Savannah Primary School, students gathered in an assembly to receive the contribution.

Savannah Primary Student Librarian Nazia Jacques thanked ICCI for the “big donation.”

She said she and her three fellow student librarians work to “help everyone understand what they are reading and ask good thinking questions about the stories they see in their books.”

Carol Ann Peart, teacher and librarian at the school, added, “Our students understand how reading can unlock the doors to future success. So for them to see college students stand in front of them to talk about the importance of reading, I think it will have a big impact on them.”

Billed as “ICCI Gives Back,” the ICCI Student Council meets quarterly to discuss how ICCI students can provide meaningful service to the community.

“We really encourage our students to be involved with service at ICCI because it is part of our mission,” said college president David Marshall.

“It is not enough to produce ICCI graduates with knowledge and skills in their fields of study. We have to let students know they have an obligation to take their education and do their part in building their communities and the nation.”

[Source: Cayman Compass 19 May 2014][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]